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BUSINESS IN FOCUS: John Gribbon, Easydrive. Tel: 028 90 300400

When and how did you start in the business?easydriveni, john gribbon

I passed my driving test at 17. A first time pass. I loved the freedom, independence and exhilaration of driving. To become a DOE approved driving instructor in Belfast you need to have held a clean driving licence for 4 years and pass three D.O.E. approved tests; a theory, a practical driving test and a teaching test. Exactly four years after I passed my driving test I applied to do these tests and passed all three first time.

When I set up my driving school I wanted the learners’ journey from raw beginner to successfully passing their driving test to be as easy an experience as possible, so I called my driving school Easydrive.

What do you like about your line of work?
I enjoy being a driving instructor because you are out and about meeting interesting people everyday.

I have taught thousands of people over the last 25 years. Interestingly, people I taught from when I first started are recommending me to their sons and daughters, it’s very gratifying to think that generations of local people appreciate that I did a good job of teaching themto drive safely. It definitely creates great job satisfaction.

How many hours a week do you work and what’s your busiest time of the year?
I work the normal working week of 35 hours. Busiest time would be from spring to autumn.

What makes a customer a satisfied customer?
I teach in an easy step-by-step approach building one skill upon another. A satisfied customer is one who can see their improvement with each lesson, giving them confidence of a successful test result.

What is the best piece of business advice you were ever given?
Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. With Easydrive I make sure all my learners are 100 per cent prepared to face the challenges of the modern driving test, which is more demanding than tests set in previous years. This gives them their best opportunity of success.

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